Config file

These are configuration options that go in the ini file that configures debexpo. Every option should be present otherwise debexpo will fail somewhere. A sane default is in the distributed ini file.


This variable specifies the incoming directory. Newly uploaded files will be installed into this directory. Therefore, it should be writeable by the webserver.


This variable specifies the repository directory, where uploaded files are stored. The directory structure is easy – files belonging to a package are stored in a subdirectory of this directory, with name of the source package name. For example, If this is set to /home/myexpo/files then the package ‘cream’ would have its files stored in /home/myexpo/files/cream/. The directory does not have a Sources.gz file (no “apt-get source”) but source packages can be downloaded via “dget …dsc”.


This variable specifies the path to the importer script, distributed in bin/debexpo-importer. Therefore, this option is typically %(here)s/bin/debexpo-importer.


This variable specifies whether debexpo should handle the /debian/ directory. This can be set to false and let Apache handle this directory.


Name of the site repository. This is used as the title of the web pages.


Tag-line of the repository. This is used under the main title of the web pages.

Email address of site support.


Toggle whether to show Debian-specific contents of the site. Values are true or false.


Which post-upload plugins to run, in what order. Separate each plugin with a space.

Which QA plugins to run, in what order. Separate each plugin with a space.


Which plugins to run when the package is uploaded to Debian, in what order. Separate each plugin with a space.


Which plugins to run when a package is successfully uploaded to the repository, in what order. Separate each plugin with a space.


Directory to add to path to put user-defined plugins in.


Location of the most convenient Debian mirror.


Email to send package accepts to.


Server root URL debexpo is running on, including protocol and excluding trailing slash. For example http://localhost:5000.


Path to file to include which contains HTML for the front page. This defaults to %(here)s/debexpo/public/frontpage.html.


Path to the GnuPG binary. This defaults to /usr/bin/gpg.