Uploading to a debexpo repository is easy. You must use dput as this is the only tool that can upload via HTTP (at the time of writing). (Former versions of debexpo used HTTP uploads with authentication which repeatedly failed due to dput bugs which were in fact urllib2 API changes.)

Setting up dput

Once you have debexpo and dput installed and set up, add an entry like the following to your ~/.dput.cf:

fqdn = localhost:5000
incoming = /upload/email@address/yourpassword
method = http
allow_unsigned_uploads = 0

You should change the email@address and yourpassword entries with the email address and password you use to login. And you may have to change the fqdn to suit your setup.

Uploading the package

Now you should execute:

dput debexpo package_version_source.changes

You will get an output like this:

% dput -f debexpo odccm_0.11.1-17_source.changes
Uploading to debexpo (via http to localhost:5000): ...

At this point your upload will run and you should see the logs flying by showing the status of the upload. The *.changes file will get uploaded last